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Borzo modern & contemporary art is one of the oldest galleries in the Netherlands and is located in a canalside house, originally built in the 17th century. In 1932 Alexander Bodon remodelled the property into the “Nieuwe Zakelijkheid" functionalist style and in 2005 Wiel Arets brought it up to date while retaining the Bodon elements.

Borzo specializes in NUL/Zero, Minimalist and Conceptual art. Artists such as Jan Schoonhoven, Ad Dekkers, Carel Visser and Ger van Elk are represented in our collection.

One of the aims of our exhibition policy is to make the link between modern art from the recent past and contemporary art. Artists of today are "standing on the shoulders" of their predecessors, regardless of the considerable contrasts.


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Anna Lenz at Borzo / 4 July

Borzo Blog

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 10:20

BOOK cover


boekpresentatie en gesprek met en door

Anna Lenz

op ZATERDAG 4 JULI om 16.00 uur met aansluitend een borrel.

Since the 1960's Anna Lenz and her husband have built a magnificent collection of the art of the Group ZERO. She has travelled across Europe together with the photographer Roswitha Pross and the art historian Ulrike Schmitt to conduct 20 interviews and ask the partners and wives of artists (incl. Ute Mack, Christine Uecker, Antje von Graevenitz) about their lives. These women, some of whom are artists themselves, speak with great openness about their own trajectories, their families and their relations with their men.The kaleidoscope of reports about their lives constitutes a chapter of art, and a piece of contemporary history.

The first days of July mark the start of

ZERO: Let Us Explore The Stars
the most extensive and important ZERO exhibition in fifty years in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

We are very proud that Anna Lenz, principal collector of ZERO and author of
STRONG WOMEN FOR ART, will launch her book with a book signing and lecture
at Borzo gallery.

4 July at 4 PM

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Borzo at Art Basel

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Monday, 08 June 2015 17:20

LOGO aangepast


16/18 June - 21 June

Hall 2.0   Feature Stand J5



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Thursday June 18 at Art Basel in the Talks programm:

6pm to 7pm | Architect Talk | Constant's New Babylon

Mark Wigley, Author of Constant’s New Babylon: The Hyper-Architecture of Desire, Princeton; Ludo van Halem, Curator for ‘Constant and the European avant-garde 1950 – 1960' at Cobra Museum, Amstelveen

Moderator: Hans den Hartog Jager, Art Critic and Writer, Amsterdam

watch here the youtube video



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Jan Henderikse & ZERO

Borzo Blog

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 14:02

thumb hen46-51 ZERO 2

EXHIBITION 6 June - 11 July

ZERO in Duitsland, NUL in Nederland, AZIMUTH in Italië en NOUVEAU RÉALISME in Frankrijk: het zijn bewegingen met paralelle zienswijzen en doelstellingen en met onderlinge, vriendschappelijke verbanden. Wat ze met elkaar gemeen hebben is de afwijzing van de schilderkunst en van kleur in het algemeen. Monochroom moet het zijn en het liefst nog wit. Verder zijn serialiteit (produktiematige vervaardiging van kunstvoorwerpen) en repetitie (herhaling van gelijke patronen) belangrijke kenmerken....


ZERO in Germany, NUL in the Netherlands, AZIMUTH in Italy and NOUVEAU RÉALISME in France: movements with parallel ways of thinking and objectives and with mutual, friendly connections. What they have in common is the rejection of the art of painting and of colour in general. It has to be monochrome and preferably white. Further important characteristics are seriality (mass-production-style manufacture of works of art) and repetition (repeating the same pattern)....

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Carel Visser

Borzo Blog

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 00:00

thumb Salami 1964 iron 20 x 40 x 122 cm

2 - 30 May


From the very start of his artistic career Carel Visser chooses a visual language that expressly deviates from the then prevailing – mostly figurative – sculpture of the early nineteen-fifties.
His use of form develops in geometric-abstract style with respect and admiration for Mondrian and Brancusi; his preferred material is iron, but during his entire life he continues to experiment with every material that nature and technology can place at his disposal.


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Theo Kuijpers

Borzo Blog

Friday, 27 March 2015 11:33

thumb 2 Medina noir 2014 olieverf-was op doek 40 x 50 cm 2


4 - 25 april 2015


De architectuur, het landschap en de sporen die mensen daarin achterlaten vormen voor Theo Kuijpers bronnen van inspiratie. In 1978 ontmoet hij de Nederlandse steendrukker Fred Genis, die al in New York litho's drukte voor o.a. Rauschenberg en De Kooning. Genis, inmiddels woonachtig in Australië, nodigt Theo Kuijpers uit hem op te zoeken en kennis te maken met de natuur en de cultuur van dat land. 



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Wednesday, 04 March 2015 12:24

thumb TEFAF Land A WC CMYK

BORZO at TEFAF Maastricht 2015
March 13 - 22, stand #450, modern section



A rare and early sculpture and a large “rasenstück” by herman de vries (who will represent The Netherlands in the Dutch Rietveld pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015)

A cotton wool balls on plastic “Vlokkenbeeld”, 1961 and a “Stikselwerk”, 1962 by Henk Peeters

By Ger van Elk, two “Vertical landscapes”

Four ink drawings, 1965 by Jan Schoonhoven

A four pieces aluminum work by Carel Visser


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